The Citizens of Townsville


Lord Ember has requested four adventures to clear ruins about half a day journey away from Townsville. Compensation will be produced after completion from either Lord Ember or the band of dwarfs if it takes more then about two days to complete. 

13/18 rooms cleared. 

  • 6 x Piercer 600 xp
  • 2x Gibbering Mouther 900 xp 
  • 7x Gray Ooze 700 xp
  • Ettercap x Giant Spider 500 xp

675 xp per Person

  • Two handfuls of strong webs that can be weaved 
  • A small ornate key
  • An expensive quill made from a unique bird 
  • Expensive fabric from the lining of a chest 
  • Unfinished Fabric 
  • tapestry, maybe dwarf, says "beware of Elves," in common 
  • Health Potion / Poison Potion 
  • A bloody journal written in infernal 
  • An orb from a spell caster's statue 
  • Six books 
  • 3 torches 



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